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Declaration of Impartiality and Independence
  • E.U. The Seed Technology Application and Research Center (acronym->TOTEM) is responsible for the impartial execution of all analysis services it provides. A structure has been created that is free from all kinds of commercial, financial, administrative and other pressures that will affect decisions and activities. TOTEM has received a Statement of Confidentiality and Impartiality from all its personnel in order to maintain impartiality.
  • TOTEM, the Board of Directors and its personnel do not allow any kind of commercial, financial and other internal and external pressures that may adversely affect the quality of the work done, and have regulations that ensure that these pressures are avoided.
  • TOTEM has ensured that the confidentiality of the information obtained during the inspection and conformity assessment processes will be protected with its "Confidentiality Policy".
  • All information, data and documents obtained during the services provided, except for the part requested by the authorized institution(s) and accreditation institution(s), cannot be given to third parties for any purpose or published in public channels.
  • Confidentiality of information, data and documents belonging to real and legal persons served is under the responsibility of the TOTEM Board of Directors and is kept as the customer's secret.
  • When requested by the legal authority, it notifies the customer about the information it has given to the legal authority, unless legally prohibited from reporting it.
  • TOTEM constantly assesses possible risks to ensure and conduct its own impartiality and independence. This assessment includes risks arising from its activities, relationships or personnel relationships. If a risk for objectivity is detected, TOTEM eliminates or minimizes such risk.
  • TOTEM does not engage in any activity that will reduce confidence in its independence, competence, impartiality, decision-making or honesty in its work.
  • There is not and will not be any commercial relationship between TOTEM and all real and legal persons and sectors for which audit, testing and conformity assessment services are provided, except within the scope of the service provided. All kinds of commercial relations that may threaten impartiality with the sectors served and current/potential customers in the sector are meticulously investigated, and all kinds of measures are taken by the Board of Directors in case of violation of impartiality.
  • Objections, complaints and disputes are resolved with the responsibility and assurance of TOTEM and the satisfaction of its customers is ensured. Through this commitment, TOTEM is fully responsible for collecting and verifying all information for the validation of the complaint and objection and for the execution of the entire process.

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